Sunday, May 19, 2019

what a week.

It's been a really good week this one - bought some really good stuff, sold a bike, sold a few other bits and pieces, met some interesting people and had some fun challenges. Still haven't got any closer to doing anything on the cafe racer but did get the bandit that's been waiting patiently running again. It was carb problems which I think were caused by a filter releasing particles causing jet blockages. One carb had a needle stuck as well which won't have helped. I will be adding a few consumable products to my product line up - not something I intended to do but a job lot came along at the right price. I built a new store room, which is already nearly full so I need to create some more room somehow - I have a few ideas. We now have 350 items listed on the web site - and on our ebay store we have just under 250 - Should get some more done this week but may have to go in to build mode again to make more space.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Much as I despise ebay and their astonishing greed I have to acknowledge that it's the place most people go to when they want to buy something. I have therefore opened a shop, you can find it here: I would much rather you buy from our own website at but at the end of the day it's your choice to buy from whichever venue you prefer, you will get the same high levels of customer support wherever you buy from us. We will only have a small selection on there to start with to see how it goes, it's best to give us a call if you don't see what you are looking for as we can check our entire stock holding - best number is the mobile - 07413 993330.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Well this damn cold is still hanging around sapping me of energy but I have still been busy. I have sold 3 bikes in the last week, no major profits but enough turn over so I can buy a couple more this week. On Saturday I expect to be picking up a project Yamaha Virago 535 and a Suzuki GSXF600 for breaking. Sadly I can only get 2 bikes at a time in the van, otherwise I would be getting a couple more. I missed the Newark auto jumble this month as it clashed with a boat jumble that I really needed to do, but I hope to get to the next one. Next job is to get my ZZR1100 through the MOT and get that on the market, I will then have space to resurrect the Triumph Cafe racer project, something I have been trying to get to for months now. First job on that will be the wiring soo I can get her fired up and then fit all the remaining bits - mudguard, indicators, headlight, tail light, number plate etc. Pictuires will be forthcoming as and when something happens.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Bloody colds, bloody diabetes, bloody everything.

Just got back from my hols, would love to say I am all refreshed and ready to go but that ain't the case. Bad weather, a bad case of sea sickness, a cold from hell and my diabetes playing up have conspired against me. Hardly touched any bike related stuff since I got home. I did manage to pick up a GPZ500 which I have got going. It needs a new battery, front indicators and front tyre but apart from that she's good to go. The tanks been really badly resprayed so it will be going cheap. It rides well enough and sounds good, an ideal budget bike for somebody. I've got a few more things to tell you about but for now I just need to rest up for a day or two. Now where did I hide that bottle of Johnny Walker?

Friday, March 22, 2019

I got the tail fairing for the VFR today. It's in worse condition than I expected but at least it exists and can be made good. It had four holes drilled in it as if somebody had fitted grab rails at some point, I don't understand why but now they need filling. I have glassed over the back of them and am applying p38, which is drying as I type this. I need to make a bracket for the rear light to fix to, 1 is there the other has been broken off. It has been painted matt black very badly indeed so I will take it back to the bare plastic before spraying it the correct red. Some decals will finish the job off nicely. I will need a new left hand side panel, the one I thought I had is broken - those bloody snap in knob like things are a pain in the arse, they always seem to snap off.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Well what a lovely morning it was this morning, not a cloud in the sky and no wind. It took very little to persuade myself that what the bandit really needed was a good old fashioned Italian tune up. She sounds really lovely singing through her single pipe at 12000 RPM. I discovered that the speedo didn't work and suspected the cable - took it off and it had no inner. Found one in my massive box of "you might need that one day" stuff and it's all good now.
While I was at it I felt it was time to get the VFR's engine up to temperature to make sure there were no leaks or anything so that got a bit of exercise too. I really should have checked the tyre pressures first. the front felt a bit odd, I guess 10PSI isn't enough, huh? Anyway she went really well but the brakes don't feel right - not grippy enough for a bike that can do the sort of speeds a VFR will do. Might have to look at different pads.
I finished stripping the Fazer, it fought me all the way but I have now conquered it.
The little Chinese bobber has sold, it went within 5 minutes of being advertised, the first respondent bought it and was very happy with it. I will do some more of those as they are a great, cheap way to get in to the joys of biking.
I need a new number plate before I can get an MOT on the Bandit, the one on there is too small, can't do that until I get the V5 back but as soon as I do it can go on sale, it wil be a really good buy for someone.
Anyways, I need beer now, bye :-)

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Chinese rocket

Well I don't normally buy Chinese stuff but I got offered this Lexmoto Arizona 125, it was at the right price, had been turned in to a bobber sort of stylie thing and had the parts to convert it back. It also had the paperwork and everything including half a tank of fuel so I thought why not? Got it home, got it running quite quickly and took it for a spin round the garden. I think someone has dicked with it because it is way faster than my Honda 125 - it absolutely flies. The front brake is a lot better too as I found out on the wet grass - it could have killed a lesser man :-) Anyways I'm taking it to normous Newark tomorrow - stand 220, give us a shout if you are going along. I'm taking a few other bits so there will be some guaranteed bargains.